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October 01 2022

To the many Excelsior-Henderson owners and aficionados whom we have been honored to meet, work with, and come to call friends; Fear Not, we are still here. Still working to make our motorcycles the reliable, strong, enjoyable machines that we always knew they could be. More than twenty years have passed since we began what has become our life's mission, and now I must announce that a change is coming; Marty is retiring from her many duties at SuperXparts.

We have wrestled with this eventuality for many years, searching for the right person to take over the parts side of our business, someone enthusiastic, well informed, courageous and committed to carrying the Excelsior-Henderson banner forward. We feel confident that we are placing our parts collection in good hands.

I am pleased to announce that we have sold our parts to Michael Seastrom of Valhalla Motor Works. Mike will take over our old website address: as well as

I will continue to service Excelsior-Henderson motorcycles and provide our unique custom parts and accessories. As many of you know, I'd rather be turning wrenches than banging on a keyboard, but will be available for consultation.

Ride Safe,

Jamie Jones

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